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Classification of Garment Accessories

Garment accessories knowledge, in accordance with the classification process can be divided into two major categories of standard and satin standard.

Flat cloth standard: cloth standard, such as cloth structure, a simple up and down by a weft called a simple flat standard. Generally speaking, the warp is fixed, or black, or white, so there are black and white flat points, light-colored background color, usually with white, dark, generally with black level. Cloth logo patterns and colors are mainly weft to express, the expression of the color and the warp should be the effect of cross-different and different. Because the general machine has the use of weft types of restrictions, it can express the color will be limited, generally 8 or less. From the above we can see that the price factors are: the width of cloth standard, that is used by the amount of yarn; cloth standard length, and the color along the length of the meridian. In order to express more detail and color, to the weft are doubled, called the double-sided standard, if a kind of color needs more three-dimensional, plus a heavy yarn, called heavy shuttle. In addition to washing and size, most of the plane double-sided standard. Cloth standard is to express the pattern of yarn, certainly with the original graphic design differences, it is not a small sample to confirm the big goods can not be.

Satin cloth standard: cloth, are intertwined by latitude and longitude, in addition to double through the weft to improve the quality, there is doubled by the warp, this process is the satin structure. By doubling the warp, the texture of the fabric becomes soft and smooth. Because the warp doubled, the density is too large, the weft can not be a good expression pattern, the bottom color can not be done very flexible. Only after the process to show a certain color requirements. A machine set to do flat or satin, is generally relatively fixed. Trimming the general width of satin can not exceed 10.8CM, weaving the edge of the general will not exceed 5.0CM.