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Clothing fabrics

1, chest pad 2, from the pad 3, shoulder pads

Among them, the shoulder pad can be subdivided into a variety. For example, according to the molding method points, can be divided into the following three:

Thermoplastic: the use of mold molding and melt adhesive technology can produce exquisite style, smooth surface, feel moderate shoulder pads, widely applicable to all types of clothing. For thin fabric fashion, advanced thermoplastic shoulder pad is an indispensable tool.

Sewing type: the use of sewing machines and high-head vehicles and other equipment can be different raw materials into different styles of shoulder pad, its product modeling and surface finish is poor, and more used in thick fabric clothing.

Cutting type: The cutting of the specific raw materials (sponge) with a cutting device, can be made into the shoulder pad. However, due to the inherent defects of sponge pads (easy to deformation, easy to change, etc.), this type of shoulder pads have been basically eliminated.