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Clothing lining

1, cotton fiber lining

Cotton fabric lining of the main varieties are fine cloth, cloth, cloth, velvet, etc., are used for cotton fabric casual wear, jackets, children's wear and so on. This kind of lining moisture absorption and warmth is better, static small, comfortable, affordable, but not smooth.

2, silk fabric lining

Silk fabric in the power of spinning, small spinning, taffeta, silk spun, soft satin, etc., for silk clothing, summer thin wool clothing, high-grade wool clothing and fur, leather clothing. This material is smooth, texture and beautiful, cool sense of good, static small, but not firm, shrinking larger, higher prices.

3, viscose fiber lining

Viscose fiber lining is mainly beautiful silk, a wide range of applications. Such as suits, suits, coats, skirts pants, jackets and other high-end clothing can use beautiful silk do cloth. Easy to heat setting, good clothing, but the wet strength is low, a larger shrinkage, easy to wrinkle, intolerance washed.).. Washing materials, smooth, easy to wear off, moderate thickness, color,

4, acetate filament lining

With its good comfort and variety of varieties in the high-end clothing commonly used in the material, the feel, luster, texture and silk lining similar to shrink small, there are Thin, medium, thick and plain, twill, satin, jacquard and other specifications for different types of texture of the fabric.