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Clothing lining material

1, cotton lining Common cotton lining with coarse cloth and fine cloth lining two kinds, are plain weave, there are two kinds of primary colors and bleaching, are low-grade lining.

2, linen linen lining is hemp fiber as raw material plain weave fabric, has good stiffness and elasticity, is a high-end clothing lining. Most linen lining on the market, in fact, cotton coarse cloth immersed in the amount of resin made after the treatment of plastic is a suit, coat the main lining.

3, wool bristle liner that is lining, also known as black carbon lining, mostly dark gray and variegated. Generally for the yak hair, wool, human hair blended or woven from the plain weave fabric. Wash lining stiffness and elasticity, modeling performance, and more for high-end clothing lining, such as the thick fabric suits, the effect of the refutation of the first lining, chest and so on.

4, horse tail tail Horseshoe tail is made by the tail and wool woven fabric, the surface of the tail of the tan and the white staggered, the density is relatively sparse. Horsetail elastic excellent, non-wrinkled, crisp, hot and humid state can be pulled out of the design required shape, long as the high-end clothing chest lining.

5, resin-lined resin lining is a cotton cloth or polyester-cotton cloth through the resin adhesive impregnated into the lining of processing, mostly through bleaching. This lining stiffness high, good elasticity, shrinkage is small, washable, dimensional stability, not easy to deformation, mostly for tunic, shirt collar lining.

6, Fusible Interlining

Also known as hot melt lining, is coated in the base fabric made of hot melt adhesive. According to the type of base fabric, woven fusible interlining, knitted fusible interlining, non-woven lining.