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Four Explanations of Garment Accessories

The first explanation: Some people say that you pick up a dress, in addition to fabric, lining outside, can be said to be clothing accessories. This is unscientific. In fact, lining is the first of a clothing accessories.

The second explanation: the network is also a popular interpretation of clothing accessories

Clothing is a project, including the production and design, in which the production process at many links, the most important part is the choice of materials, materials and fabric cloth and other accessories. The other accessories mentioned here are collectively referred to as garment accessories. They are essential components for the expansion of clothing and decorative clothing, including zippers, buttons, webbing, shoulder pads, lace, lining, lining, hangers, Plastic accessories, metal accessories, packaging bags, printed bar code and other related, and so on.

The third explanation: the composition of clothing, in addition to fabrics used for clothing other than all the materials are known as clothing accessories. Clothing accessories in the market, including lining, lining, zippers, buttons, metal fasteners, wire, trademarks, litter and litter, etc.

The fourth explanation: is our comprehensive understanding of clothing accessories When consumers buy a new dress, in addition to the rest of the fabric clothing, all known as clothing accessories, including: lining, lining, packing, litter , Trademarks, belts category, sewing thread category, fastening materials category, packaging materials category.