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Types of accessories

Garment accessories (including: lining stuffing lining material sewing thread material fastening materials decorative materials zipper button ribbon shoulder pads lining lining cloth cloth rack tag jewelry embedded ticks powder hooks fur trademarks trademark wire rope filler plastic accessories metal accessories packaging box Bag printing bar code and other related and so on

All of these accessories, both for the intrinsic quality of clothing, or external quality has a significant impact. For example: lining, sewing thread is the main impact of the inherent quality of clothing, affecting the use of clothing firmness, of course, also play a decorative role. The liner material, lace, etc. is mainly used to decorate the clothing.

A clothing design is good or bad, accessories often play a significant role in the work even more than the fabric itself. Accessories with the right, can play a finishing touch, a multiplier effect, and vice versa, can only be superfluous.

Constitute a garment, in addition to fabric used for clothing other than all the materials are known as clothing accessories. According to the role of accessories in the clothing can be divided into different materials, lining materials, packing, sewing thread, fastening materials, decorative materials, marking materials, packaging materials.