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Hot Selling Gold Wax Seal Adhesive Sticker For Wedding

Elegant and timeless Monogram accents on Invitations, Favor Boxes, Mailing Pieces,
Glass Containers, Wine Bottles and so much more. 
Ready to go with no work for you-strong self adhesive backings that just Peel & Stick.
Completely Flexible and Mailable.
Each Impression available in over 24 colors to suit every need.

 Sealing wax is the traditional wine companies in Europe and America is the most commonly used form of packaging to reflect the culture and taste of the Portuguese wine cake. This product is the production and preparation of sealing wax formula is pure European and American sealing wax sealing wax, the finished surface is smooth, strong adhesion with glass surfaces form a seal, prone to breaking under loads. Therefore, the high technological content and value-added products, with the superior quality of domestic sealing wax can not be compared.

Use for the sealed documents, instruments, bottle of wine bottles, invitations special seal packet, and mail.

hot selling gold wax seal adhesive sticker for wedding