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Label Advertising Advantage

1, the breadth and depth: the product can reach the place, advertising can be reached, without any time and space constraints;

2, very sticky: as long as the product packaging still exists, it has been another product products (or more products) endorsement;

3, very easy to attract attention: the form of ad tag advertising is very attractive, is the only effective reading rate can reach 100% of the media form;

4, extremely accurate: there is no more accurate than the label advertising advertising spread. For example, how to find the target of high blood pressure therapeutic device consumers? The best way of advertising is the use of high-pressure drugs as a packaging media;

5, a very low advertising costs, a reasonable cost of advertising communication: relative to the precise delivery of advertising results, the cost of advertising a more reasonable spread; As for the production cost of advertising is almost negligible;

6, fully meet the needs of various industries in advertising: catering, entertainment, accommodation, clothing, retail, education, training, tourism, IT and all other industries.